Animated Videos

When it comes to animation, the majority of Cerealbox Studios’ work is to produce pre-production materials (scripts, storyboards, designs) for other animation houses, but in recent years, through working with our partners, we’ve stepped up to produce high-quality animated videos directly to corporate clients and private individuals. Go ahead, have a look!

An animated explainer video commissioned by Frontiers Lab Asia and Australian Aid to introduce a set of living, open source guiding principles for Entrepreneur Support Organisations (ESO) impact measurement, led by a community of practice and developed with input from key stakeholders.
An animated infographic video for Frontier Brokers, a network of 7 impact investment firms from across Southeast Asia, supported by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. One of the most satisfying aspects of the work was in transforming the abstract ideas articulated in the script provided by the client into something that would work visually.
The animated lyric video for “Love Has Its Own Mind”, a single from my solo debut album “Everything Under The Sun”.
The animated lyric video for “I Wanna (Spend All My In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)”, a single from my solo debut album “Everything Under The Sun”.
An animated video commissioned by CNV International in partnership with the Cambodian Labor Confederation to encourage un-unionized workers to join the labor unions.
The first of two animated music videos to accompany the launch of Singapore composer Peng Chi Sheng’s solo instrumental album. We worked closely with the composer to ensure that the story told in the videos are engaging while remaining spiritually true to the events in his life he wants to be depicted.


The second of two music videos for Singapore composer Peng Chi Sheng. A more somber piece than the previous one as it depicts the journey of a romantic relationship from beginning to end. To show that the protagonist in the story is the the boy in That Boy’s Balloon all grown up, we kept his clothes in the same color scheme. His animal friends from the first video also appeared as plush toys on a shelf in the scene in his house.
An animated video commissioned by USAid Cambodia to encourage Cambodians to turn to the Facebook chabot Pidor The Smart Villager for information about where to go, and what to bring to get certain government services.
A companion piece to the Samnang The Rabbit educational comic on what to do in the event of a flood commissioned by the Cambodian branch of Czeh-based NGO People In Need. As such, the same comic-art style is used in this video.

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