I launched my first merchandise product, a series of Tshirts called SG Animals in 2015. Since then, I have produced several other product lines mainly for the Singapore and Cambodian market, which have also be sold to customers in USA, Europe and Oceania. Click on the thumbnails below to see what’s in store!

Talks and Courses

I have spoken at panels meant for parents about how to develop creativity in children, and have given talks about how I became an illustrator/comic artist; as well as taught courses on comics creation and scriptwriting. With almost 20 years of experience and mostly-self-taught skills in illustration, design, and scriptwriting, I offer a unique perspective […]

Candid Cambodia

It was in my fourth year living in Cambodia that I realized that not only had I not created any artwork based on the Cambodian experience, but there was also a niche for merchandise that’s both modern and distinctly Cambodian waiting to be filled. What began as a little project to test the market became […]

Animation Scripts, Storyboards and Designs

I have written scripts and worked on many storyboards for animated series and standalone educational videos for TV, internet broadcast and even exhibitions. I also design characters and backgrounds for animation. Click on the thumbnails below to find out more.  

Animated Videos

When it comes to animation, the majority of Cerealbox Studios’ work is to produce pre-production materials (scripts, storyboards, designs) for other animation houses, but in recent years, through working with our partners, we’ve stepped up to produce high-quality animated videos directly to corporate clients and private individuals. Go ahead, have a look!  

Mascot, Character and Logo Design

Commissioned Art


Book/Comic Illustrations


Ronin Rat and Ninja Cat

My first comic book mini-series, completed in late 2020. It is my love letter to chambara (samurai) movies of yore. Less anime and more Kurosawa with a bit of Sergio Leone (Italian spaghetti western director of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) thrown in. It was first conceived of as a animated feature film before […]