Animation Scripts

I started scripting professionally in the live-action docu-drama genre; I even co-wrote (and co-directed) a Singaporean indie-movie S11, but it is within the genre of animation that I find the greatest pleasure writing-wise. And I believe it shows, as you can see in the video links below.


Zigby is a Singapore-Australia-Canada co-produced pre-school animated series based on characters from a popular children’s book. It has been broadcast on ABC Kids (Australia), Treehouse TV (Canada), ZDF (Germany), and CBeebies (UK). I was working with a friend and cowriter for a few years before my relocation to Cambodia, and together we wrote about six scripts for this series.

Arpo: The Robot for All Kids or Robot Arpo is a South Korean-Malaysian CGI animated series created by Toonzip, and (sometimes) Centraline Animation. My cowriter and I wrote nine-episodes for this series. As most of the comedy is derived from the action and not dialogue, it is one of the more challenging projects we worked on.

Master Raindrop is a children’s animated television program produced jointly by Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean companies that first screened on the Australian Seven Network in 2008. We wrote about four episodes in all. My cowriter and I were probably the only non-Australian writers involved in the project.

XOL is a story about a kid robot who possesses an ancient tech that can transform in into a giant kung-fu fighting robot. We worked with the producer, Peach Blossom Media on one of the scripts but it appeared that apart from the pilot episode (see below), the TV series never took off.


Western Digital: The Power of Choice Campaign

To inform customers and potential buyers of the different types of external hard drives it has, Western Digital embarked on a campaign that included a series of five short computer animated films featuring mascots that represent the different types of hard drives.

We were outsourced by another animation studio some pre-production work, namely the story concept script, storyboards, character design and background concept. We had quite a blast coming up with the right personalities to match the features of the hard drives and reimaging the disk doctor as a Sigmund Freud-like therapist. You can see some of our designs of the characters here.