We’re selling T-shirts (and that’s just for starters…)

In one of the earlier issues of the groundbreaking comic-book series Sandman, an author who has not written another novel since his first and only book became a hit, came into ownership of Calliope, one of the Muses of Greek Mythology. (The Muses were the inspirational goddesses of science, literature and the arts) By holding Calliope captive, the author was able to produce a series of acclaimed and successful novels. Unfortunately, Calliope was the lover of the Sandman, who upon freeing Calliope, punished the author by giving him endless inspirations, thereupon driving him mad.

Last I checked, I did not have any Muse imprisoned in my basement, but if you’re wondering what I do with all the other ideas that were not able to find their way into some stories I am working on, you can check out the photos below, or better still, click on this link!






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