The Chronicles of Oujo



But… but what am I supposed to do?” blurted Oujo.

“Oh, I’m sure an intrepid ‘adventurer’ such as yourself ought to be able to figure that out!” said Mother Superior before slamming the doors of the orphanage firmly shut.

And so begins the story of Oujo, a boy who is — quite literally — thrown into a fascinating world of wizards, knights, elves, orcs, dwarves and the occasional man-eating dragon on his twelfth birthday. With nowhere to go, Oujo decides to live his dream of being an adventurer, only to realize very quickly that there is huge gulf between wanting to be one, and actually being one. But as Fate would have it, Oujo soon finds himself at the gates of the Adventurer’s Academy of Anthor — a school meant for aspiring adventurers like himself. Oujo enrolls in the school hoping that it will prepare him for a lifetime of adventure. Little does he know that his ‘adventure of a lifetime’ was just beginning…

The Chronicles of Oujo is a series of books based on an original concept by Cerealbox Studios founder Joshua Chiang and Jeffrey Lawrence Omar. It is a humorous and irreverent take on the high fantasy genre and follows the exploits of an orphan boy Oujo and his friends, the irrepressible halfling Pip, and  the shy elf-girl Lizpella, as they embark on the greatest adventure of all… school!

The first book in the series, Questalon is now available as an interactive app for the iPad (watch the trailer below!), as well as a hardcover print book sold at major retail bookstores in Singapore. If you live outside Singapore, please email us at to place your order.

Oujo app