Book Illustration

We have worked with many international children book writers as well as the Ministry of Education in Singapore to produce educational books for primary and pre-school children. Our strength is our versatility – we are able to design characters and develop different illustration styles to meet our clients’ requirements. We prefer to work closely with our clients to ensure that the end product is what they have envisioned, or better.


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We provide end-to-end 2D animation services for short video clips for corporates and NGOs, which include storyboarding, character design, animation and sound tracks. Our clients includes NGOs and corporates in Singapore and Cambodia.

Operation ASHA Video
Operation ASHA (Cambodia) – educational animation clips about Tuberculosis. Episode 1/4.

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Character Design

We help corporates and NGOs design characters and mascots for their brand idenity or advertising campaigns. To have dynamic and distinctive characters, it requires huge amount of creativity, and at the same time we understand that the characters need to serve their campaign objectives. We work closely with our clients through the process starting with pencil sketches of the characters based on their requirements, colours are later added and the designs tweaked to suit the preferences of our clients.


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Scriptwriting & Storyboarding

We have been heavily involved in the Singapore animation scene and have written for many locally produced animated series such as Nanoboy, Master Raindrop, Zigby and The Exolight, as well as international productions such as Robot ARPO. We have also helped conceptualize and storyboard for various other series.




Comic Script

We have drawn comic scripts for NGOs, corporates and book writers. They particularly like how we use humour to communciate their campaign message or story.


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 Poster Design

The Singapore Repertory Theatre is one of our most loyal clients for many years.  We have illustrated many of their production posters, which were displayed in bus-stops and shopping malls all around Singapore.


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Commissioning Art

We are best known in Cambodia for his “Pile Up” art series which puts a spin on what’s peculiar in Cambodia, by piling up people, objects, animals, creatures, places and much more than you can imagine. Our passion for story telling and sense of humour is part of the package that makes our art pieces intriguing and very often the conversation starter. We have been commisioned by businesses and art collectors to create personal pieces. One of our most recent art work “Midnight at Bodleian” was commissioned by The Bodleian, a whisky lounge in BKK1 Phnom Penh.

The Great Meeting by Joshua Chiang
“Midnight at Bodleian” commissioned by The Bodelian in May 2017

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