Monsters On the Wall

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With its huge tail, the monster strode across the wall, flicking its tongue out, tasting the air for prey.

Kai-Kai kept really still, too scared to make a sound. He watched silently as the shadow moved away.

Kai-Kai is afraid to sleep at night. He sees monsters from shadows dancing across his wall! A giant lizard, a tarantula, a python and a large flying insect! What’s next? Is he going to be eaten? Now what Kai-Kai doesn’t know is that he has a secret protector in the night, a little princess who loves him very much. Be touched by the friendship between a boy and his princess as they battle to keep monsters at bay.

Monsters On the Wall is one of four books in the Monsters In the Mind series written by acclaimed children books’ author Adeline Foo (The Diary of Amos Lee) and published by Ethos Books. This book is illustrated by Joshua Chiang with colors by Din. The illustrator draws on his own memories of growing up in the ’80s living in a three-room HDB flat, and being raised on a diet of Hong Kong kungfu drama serials and ‘lian huan hua’ – illustrated booklets depicting Chinese folklore and mythology to produce illustrations that will appeal to both young and old.

The book is available for sale at SGD$13.50 ($14.44 with GST); you can place your order here. 

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