Animation Storyboards

The role of an animation storyboard director is more than just planning shots for the episode you’re assigned. Often, you’re expected to also be the director of the performance of the characters visually, as the animators will adhere closely to the performances depicted in the storyboards. This is where my background in live-action directing and my love of drawing comics really come in handy.

From storyboard to screen: An example of a storyboard I drew for the Australia pre-school animated series Zigby and how the final result closely corresponds to it.

Zigby is a Singapore-Australia-Canada co-produced pre-school animated series based on characters from a popular children’s book. It has been broadcast on ABC Kids (Australia), Treehouse TV (Canada), ZDF (Germany), and CBeebies (UK). I’ve storyboarded 8 episodes in all.
Clang Invasion is a Canadian-Singaporean-Australian animated television series produced for the Canadian children’s programming channel YTV. It also aired on Canal PandaGloobNickelodeonABC Me and Pop. I directed several episodes, sketching my ideas down on rough thumbnails to be drawn into storyboards by other artists.
Milly, Molly is an Australian-Singapore co-produced animated TV series for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation by Milly Molly Group Holdings, Scrawl Studios and Beyond Productions in association with the Media Development Authority of Singapore. It is based on the popular book series of the same name. I storyboarded 10 episodes of the series.
Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew is created by the Emmy Award-winning Peach Blossom Media, and head-writer of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Leslie Valdes, this series teaches the alphabet using popular nursery rhymes. I thumbnailed 8 episodes in this series.
My Name is Raj is India’s answer to Ben 10, but instead of aliens, the protagonist Raj’s power to transform into five mystical creatures come from supernatural sources. I sketched the thumbnails for the action scenes during the early development stages, and had to really tap into my inner superhero-fight-choreographer for this job.


You can see a full storyboard for the music video That Boy’s Balloon created for the single of the same name composed and performed by Singapore composer Peng Chi Seng here.