Ultimate Kid Joe

ukjcovcolcompIt’s tough being a teenage superhero.

You know, that whole ‘juggling-school-with-saving-the-world-while-keeping-your-identity-secret’ routine and all.

Now, what if you’re a teenage superhero with absolutely no super powers, and the only things you can rely on are a bunch of not-so-reliable home-made gadgets, your wits and a sidekick who’d rather stay at home than be out fighting crime with you?

Well, you’ve just met Ultimate Kid Joe.

He’s the sole protector of Treeville, a town so trivial that it escapes the notice of all other superheroes. Unfortunately, that makes it the perfect target of every up-and-coming supervillain looking for place to rule/rob/retire. And they’ve come fully prepared to deal with anything that gets in their way!

But then again, Ultimate Kid Joe is not your average superhero. He’s a super average hero!

Genre: Action Comedy Animated Series

Ultimate Kid Joe is our first original creation. Contact us at queries@cerealboxstudios.com for series bible and pilot script!

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